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Security best practices

Ensuring the security of your interactions with MARCO is paramount. This guide provides best practices to help you maintain the highest level of security when using our platform.

1. Protect your tokens

  • Never expose tokens: Your AccessToken and ApplicationToken should be treated as passwords. Never expose them in client-side code or public repositories.

  • Rotate regularly: Periodically change your tokens to reduce the risk of unwanted access.

2. Use secure connections

Always use HTTPS when making requests to MARCO's API. This ensures that your data is encrypted during transit.

3. Monitor activity

Regularly review the activity logs in your MARCO Console. If you notice any unfamiliar or suspicious activity, investigate immediately.

4. Limit permissions

Only grant permissions that are necessary for a task. Avoid giving full access unless absolutely required.

5. Stay updated

Always keep your MARCO SDKs and other related software up-to-date. Updates often contain security patches.

6. Report suspicious activity

If you encounter any potential security vulnerabilities or suspicious activities related to MARCO, report them immediately to our support team.

7. Stay informed

Follow MARCO's official channels for any announcements related to security. Being aware of potential issues helps you take preventive measures.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a secure and smooth experience with MARCO.