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Identity and Access Management (IAM) at MARCO ensures that the right individuals and services have appropriate access to resources in a secure and efficient manner. IAM encompasses various components, including user management, authentication methods, and access controls.

Types of users

At MARCO, users can be broadly categorized into:

Individual users

These are regular users who interact with MARCO's platform, typically through a user interface. They can be developers, administrators, or any other individual accessing MARCO's services.

For more information, see Users.

Service accounts

These are non-human users designed for machine-to-machine communication. Service accounts represent automated processes, servers, IoT devices, and other entities that require access to MARCO's APIs and services.

For more information,see Service account.


For an API call to be authorized by MARCO, an identity must have assigned a role with the required privileges on the target resource.

For more information, see Privileges.